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Grit & Grace Nation

Join The Grit & Grace Leadership Academy

Join The Grit & Grace Leadership Academy

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Grit & Grace Nation: Equipping middle school and high school girls with courage and the essential tools needed to excel in life and leadership (while honoring faith, family, and freedom).


3M’s of the Grit & Grace Leadership Academy Curriculum:

  • Measure: The girls take a detailed, statistically validated, behavioral online assessment used to establish a baseline metric for measuring 22 different attributes that include: Self-Awareness, Managing Emotions, Grit, Purpose Directed, Coachability, Tension, Apprehension, Empathy, Leadership Presence, Perseverance, Achievement, Dependability, Trust, Reasoning, Analytical Thinking, and Candidness. 
  • Mentor: The assessment enables our trained leaders and mentors to better understand each girl’s core strengths and identify target areas for growth. Our trained leaders go over the behavioral results with each student and coaches them on how to improve in each of these attributes. Our 16-week curriculum tracks each girl’s progress, helps them share their personal experiences, asks questions, while setting aside fears and vulnerabilities within the safe environment of the Grit & Grace sisterhood. 
  • Move: Each year the Grit & Grace Leadership curriculum builds on quantitative data measuring the previous years’ growth. This guides each young lady’s leadership development along with career and life preparation. Students refuse to believe the lie that they are stuck in their current situation forever. Nor will they allow life circumstances to define them. Grit & Grace girls chose to serve and lead themselves and others with grit, grace, and gratitude. Grit & Grace girls influence the world around them using their God-given gifts and talents. We help them get past their hurts, habits, hang ups, uncover their values, discover purpose and passion while developing a game-plan for life. 
10 Years of Proven Results
Grit & Grace has adopted a foundational system and expanded it to include the Grit & Grace values: Courage, Girl Grit, Selfless Compassion, Self Respect, Graceful Confidence, and Patriotic Spirit.

Proven Results 

  • Self-awareness up 27%
  • Managing Emotions up 31%
  • Leadership presence up 46%
  • Grit up 46%
  • Analytical thinking up 54%
  • Resiliency up 42%
  • Apprehension down 42%
  • Tension down 42%
The Grit & Grace Leadership Academy and Chapter Experience:
The Grit & Grace Leadership Academy and Chapter Experience is uniquely and intentionally designed to help your daughter develop her passion to serve and grow as a leader while impacting others, their families, and their communities. We are continually looking for chapter leaders and expanding our chapters nation-wide. 

Girls can enroll in the Leadership Academy exclusively online if there is not a Grit & Grace chapter in their area yet. 
Girls can join a local chapter to combine the Leadership Academy with the Grit & Grace Chapter Experience. 

Grit & Grace Chapter Experience & Sisterhood
A safe and fun place for your daughter to grow as a leader, meet new friends, give back to the community, and participate in special Grit & Grace events. Grit & Grace chapter activities are designed to help young ladies further understand who they are and put their leadership skills into practice. 

Student led and Advisor Guided
Scholarship Opportunities
Internship Opportunities

Grit & Grace Chapters include experiences in animal welfare/compassion, fun with agriculture, guidance in etiquette, service projects, and much more.

Portrait of a Grit & Grace Girl After She Goes Through The Program:

  1. Regards that life is bigger than they are
  2. Accurately understand how their behavior impacts others
  3. Know their values, goals and beliefs and uses them effectively to guide their decisions.
  4. Strikes a balance between self-criticism and hopefulness.
  5. Thinks clearly and stays composed under pressure.
  6. Tries out new ideas, concepts and creative solutions.
  7. Appreciates and asks for constructive feedback.
  8. Wants to be challenged to be better.
  9. Set performance and personal development goals.
  10. Attracts and inspires people to follow them.
  11. Always tries their best and never gives up.
  12. Finds purpose and value in their personal vision.
  13. Concentrates on achieving successful results and reaching goals despite setbacks.
  14. Focuses on getting tasks and projects done.
  15. Shows presence and trustworthiness.
  16. Expresses ideas clearly and confidently.
  17. Stands up for what is right and for the people being mistreated.
  18. Carefully measures their emotions and reactions before expressing them.
  19. Genuinely treats others with respect and dignity.
  20. Is modest and humble about their accomplishments.
Leadership Academy & Chapter Info

Chapters meet monthly: September – May

Leadership Curriculum: Weekly online group mentoring led by Grit & Grace Nation Founder Fanchon Stinger and other leaders of influence

Enrollment Fee: $249.00/year

Annual Grit & Grace Parent/Daughter Leadership Retreat: June

  • Join other Grit & Grace families at a beautiful resort for a 3-day/2-night experience with your daughter
  • Create special memories with your daughter!
  • Inspiration for moms and girls
  • and much more! Stay tuned for info…
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